They’re Here!!

They’re her! They’re here!!

I picked up my CDs today! (All 100 of them, goodness!). I’m really pleased with how they came out: both the insert and the CD face look great, really professional and clean. The shrink-wrapping is another nice touch. Thanks, Sliverbirch!

Now that I have the box of disks this project feels truly “actualized”. It’s made me realize how much work goes into these things!

It’s also made me think about all the work ahead of me: if I’ve got them, I should sell them! All in good time though. Now I’ve got copies to give to friends, and Pennsic sales can wait for a week. For now, its enough that they’re here!!

3 responses to “They’re Here!!

  1. Congratulations Em! That is awesome. And to pull it all off in what, about a month? Impressive, most impressive (said with J.E. Jones voice over). Any thought about putting 1 minute clips of some songs on the blog? or shots of the cover art/liner notes?? Or video of you/other people at pennsic signing any of the songs??? Something like that…

  2. I missed getting your album at Pennsic! Is there any other way for me to purchase a copy, or have I missed my chance? I’d particularly love to download it as MP3s (paid, of course!).

    • Thanks! I’ll be looking into getting online sales up in the next few weeks, probably through CD Baby (which will include mp3 downloads). I’ll keep you posted!

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