Pennsic War

What an amazing Pennsic War! More than 2 weeks out of the modern world, camping with friends new and old, days full of relaxation and nights full of campfires and songs… I had a great time!

On top of being just a fantastic vacation/event, it was truly awesome for my CD promotion/distribution. On Saturday, August 1st my encampment threw a huge CD release party & bardic circle. I think it exceeded everyone’s expectations!! (I had originally suggested a CD release circle because, in my foolishness, I though it would be more low-key that way.) The headcount was at nearly 150 people at one point in the evening, and I’m estimating more than 250 stopped by throughout the night — wow! My friend Justinian ended up acting as MC for the circle, lining up performances from singes, storytellers, and poets from around the Known World all night long. There were some real luminaries of the bardic arts attending that night, as well as people who stood to sing for the first time ever!

Perhaps the most surprising was that the party was covered in an article in the Pennsic Independent!! This was the first of 2 newspaper appearances for myself & “Waves on the Shore”. The second was a review that came out a few days later. I felt very flattered, as I was mentioned both in the context of WotS and also as a songwriter for the tracks on Heather Dale‘s “Green Knight”.*

All that “free advertising” in the paper certainly made great help to my CD sales! “Waves on Shore” was carried this year at two merchant booths, both Master Efenwealt Whystle‘s Camelot Treasures and Master John ap Wynn’s booth. At Camelot treasures I sold more than 1/4 my total initial run of CDs!! On the Wednesday of War Week I was a part of the “Marian of Heatherdale and Friends” concert, which was a tonne of fun and got my name out a bit more. I also made lots of one-on-one sales, from the generous folks in camp to kind bards around fires.

So now I’ve returned to the modern world, many CDs lighter and truly inspired to write new songs! My goals for the next few weeks (apart from tackling the post-Pennsic laundry mountain) include finguring out how many CDs to press in a 2nd run (eep!), how to get my music out further (podcasts, SCA/Bardic magazine reviews, etc. — suggestions welcome!) and getting online sales (disks & digital) up and running. What a grand adventure this is!!

*I’ll work to see if I can get the text for the article & review up on the site somewhere soon.

One response to “Pennsic War

  1. Hello Emily,
    it was great meeting you at Pennsic, your CD release party was a great hit. I hope you enjoyed my tales, and congrats on such big sales.

    You know an in which is not great nor bad, its a fair inn.

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