CD Review: The Pagan Wheel

Waves on the Shore has its first web-review, over at music blog The Pagan Wheel. Many thanks to both Dave M. and to Shelly R. for the “electronic introduction”.

What is heard is Emily’s strong confident voice singing tales of battle or love, and love lost, as only one experienced in Bardic tradition can. To stand within a circle of peers and audience alike without accompaniment to sing a capella verses and tales one has written oneself is a true test of Bardic worth.

Read the full review here!

2 responses to “CD Review: The Pagan Wheel

  1. I am really enjoying your CD “Waves on the Shore.” I noticed a couple of the songs are my Baronesses favourites and was wondering how I could obtaing the lyrics in order to learn and sing these songs?
    All the best with your career and to your family.

    • Thanks so much! I’ll be doing my best to get lyrics up onto this site (or perhaps a more “pro” site) soon. In the meantime, I’ll email you directly & send you what I can. I love hearing other voices raised in song, and it’s especially gratifying when the songs are mine! :)

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