I really should “google myself” more often… I’ve just discovered some happy news about my music:

The title track “Waves on the Shore” was recently featured on the
Renaissance Festival Podcast!

“For Your Honour” was also featured on the Pub Songs Podcast!

I’ve been a subscriber to these podcast (and to Marc Gunn’s other notable podcasts, especially the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast) for several years. They’re an amazing repository of independent musician; the Pub Songs show featuring wonderful bands, and the Renaissance Festival show highlighting the fabulous musicians, minstrels, singers and songwriters who play at Ren Faires and SCA events. Podcasts are a favourite entertainment media for myself: I love to put on a podcast, whether to listen and relax at home, take myself away for a bit at work, or to play in the car on the way to an event to get myself in the spirit!

If you aren’t already familiar with them, podcasts are like independently produced radio shows that you can download to listen to over and over again. It’s a fabulous way to find new music, as so many indie musicians and songwriters allow their music to be “pod safe” (that is, free to be included in podcast shows, which is different than free mp3 downloads). Podcasts are also produced with talk shows, how-to instructions, audiobooks, and even videocasts!

Why not download the Renaissance Festival Podcast’s Episode #153 to hear “Waves on the Shore” or the Pub Song’s Podcast Episode #72 to hear “For Your Honour” and the other amazing artist sthat get featured in these shows? Or subscribe to the podcast via Itunes or your favourite “podcatcher” to hear more music like this more often! And if you do, please consider sending an email or comment to the podcasters that you appreciate hearing my music there, to request more to be played, and to thank them for providing such wonderful show.

Know of another Celtic music / Ren Faire / SCA podcast you think would like to feature music from Waves on the Shore? Please send me a message and link!

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