iBards.org Unveiled!

My friend Heather Dale has just unveiled the wonderful new online music home for all “bardic” artists, www.iBards.org!

This site gathers recordings from “bardic” artists, performers of song, story, and poetry inspired by the ancient traditions and reinvented for modern audiences. As iBards.org says, “Here you will discover some modern-day bardic artists who are creating or perpetuating works that reinforce the ideals of the Roman era, Dark Ages, Medieval era, and Renaissance.” So whether you’re in the market for Celtic-myth inspired songs, Viking-era stories, Medieval poems or Renaissance hammered dulcimer music, iBards.org has it all!

Most all of my music is available for preview and purchase here. Please visit iBards: Home> SONG> Emily Holbert Kellam (Emer nic Aidan) to listen to preview tracks from “Waves on the Shore”, or download your own copy! Other recording projects I’ve been a part of can be found at the Ealdormere Bardic College page and Hector of the Black Height‘s page (you can see my Discography for a complete list of tracks I’ve been on).

I’m so excited for this new online venue. Check it out! And if you think your own recorded work (music, spoken word, or instrumental) is “bardic”, or if you know someone whose work would be a good fit, please see the How to Join iBards page to join in and expand the site.

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