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Just a quick note to check in…

There are many things happening, some big, some small. Pesky “real life” keeps imposing itself on my creative goals, but while this is hampering my production-schedule for the second CD (a full post on that soon, I promise!), it is also fueling the song-writing fires, which is a reasonable trade.

I am traveling “out of Kingdom” much more frequently, so don’t be surprised to find Emer nic Aidan around a campfire in the East Kingdom or Aethelmarc! I’ve been greatly enjoying getting to know bardic friends new and old, comparing bardic “culture”, and being inspired by the fabulous work people are creating and performing. Here’s to more in the year to come!

I’m having a devil of a time trying to insert a PayPal button to this site. For whatever reason, just doesn’t like the code… (Any techies got any tips?) In the meantime, however, I do have a PayPal method for email-ordering, so if anyone was hoping to purchase a CD copy of “Waves On The Shore” online, at least there’s something! And always remember that my music — both “Waves On The Shore” and other tracks — can be purchased as digital downloads via

So there you have it.  Lots of creating: never enough time for it all, but I’m happy the muse is here!



I really should “google myself” more often… I’ve just discovered some happy news about my music:

The title track “Waves on the Shore” was recently featured on the
Renaissance Festival Podcast!

“For Your Honour” was also featured on the Pub Songs Podcast!

I’ve been a subscriber to these podcast (and to Marc Gunn’s other notable podcasts, especially the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast) for several years. They’re an amazing repository of independent musician; the Pub Songs show featuring wonderful bands, and the Renaissance Festival show highlighting the fabulous musicians, minstrels, singers and songwriters who play at Ren Faires and SCA events. Podcasts are a favourite entertainment media for myself: I love to put on a podcast, whether to listen and relax at home, take myself away for a bit at work, or to play in the car on the way to an event to get myself in the spirit!

If you aren’t already familiar with them, podcasts are like independently produced radio shows that you can download to listen to over and over again. It’s a fabulous way to find new music, as so many indie musicians and songwriters allow their music to be “pod safe” (that is, free to be included in podcast shows, which is different than free mp3 downloads). Podcasts are also produced with talk shows, how-to instructions, audiobooks, and even videocasts!

Why not download the Renaissance Festival Podcast’s Episode #153 to hear “Waves on the Shore” or the Pub Song’s Podcast Episode #72 to hear “For Your Honour” and the other amazing artist sthat get featured in these shows? Or subscribe to the podcast via Itunes or your favourite “podcatcher” to hear more music like this more often! And if you do, please consider sending an email or comment to the podcasters that you appreciate hearing my music there, to request more to be played, and to thank them for providing such wonderful show.

Know of another Celtic music / Ren Faire / SCA podcast you think would like to feature music from Waves on the Shore? Please send me a message and link!

To the Presses!

I just spoke to Jordan at Silverbirch again, and it seems like I’ve got everything I need to get this manufacturing started! The audio master is at hand and sounding great, the graphics are amazing and ready to be emailed over, and I’ve decided what format I’ll be going with as well. All that’s left to do is to go drop off the disk, sign the forms, and pay up!

I almost can’t believe it’s all coming together. This is terribly exciting!!

When I have a spare moment, I’ll write about this past weekend. Business cards printed, War of the Trilliums went great, and I even pre-sold a few CDs!

First SCA event — Preorders!

I’ve got “business” cards printed, and a small carbon-copy receipt booklet ready to go. War of the Trillium is on this week/weekend, and another friend is having her own CD release party Saturday night, so I’ll be pre-selling my CD there too!

I’m really excited. Things are moving along really well, and it looks like I’ll be ready to take things to the presses early next week. Hooray!

More details after the weekend. I’m going to go sing by campfires and relax with good friends. Maybe I’ll even be inspired to write a new song!


I got the proofs for the CD cover insert this morning from my graphic designer-friend Michaela. It’s so interesting for me to see what gets created from the slightest of criteria (in this case, a Facebook message with a link to Silverbirch’s templates and a “here’s my name, here’s the album title, I like things Celtic”). I really like what she’s put together, and look forward to unveiling it all soon!

I also actually managed to write up the inside text (acknowledgments and whatnot) this morning and sent that back to Michaela as well, in spite of the flurry of kidstuff going on around me (hooray for the first Monday of summer vacation!) Now I just have to get in touch with H.D. and I might be ready to get this off to manufacturing!

To Do:
– figure out Paypal, get order system in place
– finalize master for Silverbirch (digital track titles, etc.)
– get master to Silverbirch; begin production!
– update website with new graphics & better information

Taking steps

Today I actually got off my duff & called up Silverbirch Productions“>, a local CD manufacture/duplication company Heather recommended to me.

One of the complications of having the album ‘dropped from above’ is that I’ve had no plans in the works. Nothing has been priced out, no graphics-in-progress, no saving of capital for production. (At least, I really hope other indie artists are thinking ahead to this stuff when they’re recording!) So I don’t currently have any mental energy expended or cash set aside toward actually making CDs. However, since I’ve got it I want to put it out as nicely as I can.

I was a bit worried that I’d have to home-burn the disks and print inserts myself — not that there’s anything wrong with home-grown CDs, theyre a perfectly reasonable and valid thing to release. I just am fairly lazy, and don’t want to have to invest too much time right now, but do want to try to get CDs ready to sell/give by the end of July.

Silverbirch looks like they will totally be able to meet my needs (and not break the bank). I spoke with Jordan, who was super nice, friendly and informative and encouraging. He gave me a couple of quotes for various options on small-run duplication (slimline cases, full jewelcases, etc.) for batches of 50 or 100. And apparently the turn around time is crazy fast, about 3 business days! (Another reason to love this city!)

So I’m pretty sure that’s where I’m going to go to get the CDs actually made. It’s very exciting, every step I take brings me closer to my own CD! The next one is either getting down to the graphics or figuring out how to get the money…

Getting started

The album that never was, now is!

I’m going to chronicle how the CD project Waves on the Shore goes from a surprise presentation of finished tracks to full album release. (And beyond…?)

Since these recordings have in some sense sprung fully-formed, I’m not as prepared for production as most indie artists would be at this stage. It’s going to be quite an adventure to get it ready to go before the beginning of August (Pennsic War). Getting a web presence up is my first step, but since I’m not ready for a full web domain, let’s begin with a blog!