All lyrics (C) Emily Holbert Kellam.

Arise Young Wolf
Come & Be Welcome
Dusk & Dawn
Foot To Ground, Arm To Shield
For Your Honor
The Mourning Dove’s Lament
My Soldier Boy
The Northern Virtues
The Poachers’ Song
Roll On Up the Hill

The Washer at the Ford
Waves on the Shore (The Gaelic Invasions)

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– redistribute any lyric text for profit without permission
— this includes songbooks, chapbooks, art prints, illuminations, etc.
– remix or alter lyrics/songs without permission

However, you can:
– print as many copies of these lyrics as you like for yourself
– add copies of these lyrics to your personal songbook
– print copies and give them to friends (for their own songbooks)
– sing these songs around bardic circles/ within filk and con rooms/ in your shower

Note that above I say “without permission“. Want to use the music/lyrics in some way (new recording, film, for-sale songbook, etc.)? I never hurts to ask! Email me & we’ll talk.