Come & Be Welcome

(C) Emily Holbert Kellam

Come and be welcome O wandering minstrel
Spreading your music from city to town
Be you harper or piper your duty is noble
You carry the tunes that shall never die down

Come from the forest and sit ’round the fire
Come from the fields and enter our hall
Come drink from the guest-cup, come join in the circle
Come and be welcome, ye Bards, one and all

Come and be welcome O noble court-poet
The treasure of knowledge is kept in your words
So unlock your riches of rhyme and of rhythm
And let all the wealth of your wisdom be heard

Come and be welcome O fair-voicéd singer
Weaving the magic of music along
You can thunder the heavens to raise up an army
Or simply bring laughter and peace with a song

Come and be welcome O rare tale-teller
With stories of wonder you wisely recall
Tell of the heroes that dwell live in our history
For tales that are true are the best of them all

Come and be welcome O fireside drummer
With rhythms that echo the beat of the heart
Now waken the music and call to the dancers
The drum’s beating pulse is a signal to start

Come and be welcome, where ever you hail from
Share all the secrets and joys of your art
For every new voice that joins in the chorus
Uplifts the spirit and cheers the heart

Waves on the Shore, Emily Holbert Kellam (2009)
The Green Knight, Heather Dale (2009)
The Bardic Kitchen Party #2: The Sing-alongs, Ealdormere Bardic College & Friends (2010)