Dusk & Dawn

DUSK AND DAWN (Mead and Wine)
(C) Emily Holbert Kellam

Bright are the oars of the fiery ship
That is traveling into the west
Bearing the knowledge of long days past
To enlighten the Isles of the Blest
Gentle the fingers of rosy-hued dawn
Sharp the bright sword of the sun
Rising together the glorious light
Of a new day of promise begun

The mead flows gold as the setting sun
The wine flows red as the dawn
Raise a toast to a new day begun
And sing praise of the old day gone

Hard was the work for the sweet golden mead
Of the bees ‘midst the Northern flowers
While peaceful the slumber of deep purple grapes
That have ripened in long Southern hours
Now is the time for the mead to be poured
As the drowsy bees seek out their rest
Now is the time for the wine to be poured
For the harvest has brought in the best

Autumn came clothed in riches and jewels
Leaves shining with amber and gold
The harvest-wealth ever reflected in fires
Burning brightly to counter the cold
Reflected the blaze of autumn still shines
In the warm amber light of the spring
Who knows what riches, with blossom and bloom
The passage of seasons shall bring?

Waves on the Shore, Emily Holbert Kellam (2009)
Royal Progress, Hector of the Black Height (2003)