For Your Honor

(C) Emily HOlbert Kellam

At a tournament grand a young man takes the field
Armed with his sword and his bright blazoned shield
And the bow to his lady says I’ll never yield
Here I stand, to fight for your honor

For your honor I will inspire
For your honor I shall not tire
For your honor I will require
All I do in your name to be for your honor

To the side of the lists stands a young maiden fair
Her love’s family colors all bound in her hair
Her grace and her beauty quietly declare
Here I wait to cheer for your honor

Over the field sits the king on his throne
With his queen at his side their oath they intone
By sword and by scepter our duty is sworn
Here we sit to guide you to honor

To bring oneself honor can lead you to fame
But to honor another is a far nobler aim
So for love or for kingdom let your deeds proclaim
All I do, I do for your honor

Waves on the Shore, Emily Holbert Kellam (2009)