Roll On Up the Hill

(C) Emily Holbert Kellam

Come leave the cooling shadows
And depart the water’s side
The battle-plain’s atop the hill
And from battle none can hide
So we’ll gather up the weapons
And the armor-wagon fill
Then without delay at break of day
We’ll roll on up the hill!

Roll on up the hill, me boys,
Roll on up the hill
There’s blood and gold for the brave and bold
So roll on up the hill!

Many men she’s conquered
‘Ere they’ve reached the battle plain
They stagger naught a fourth-way up
Then come back down again
She causes old men’s hearts to fail
And breaks a young man’s will
But we’ll not quail and we’ll not fail
We’ll roll on up the hill!

Midway stands the Runestone
Etched with words that all may ken
The Runestone watches, half-way up
To account the fighting men
To remind us all of honor
Better prized than gold or skill
And to strengthen up our sprits as
We roll on up the hill!

Atop awaits the foemen
And atop rises the dawn
And soon we’ll face the battle
With the sword and spear and song
Atop awaits the spoils
For all those who prove their skill
Atop we’ll rise and seize our prize
So roll on up the hill!

The fighting halts with evening
And there’s fire and food below
The hill is steep but you must sleep
So down to camp you go
Tonight’s for love and dancing
And be sure you drink your fill
‘Cause you know that come tomorrow
You must roll back up that hill!

The hill awaits to challenge
All the heroes young and old
But the road to glory’s always steep
And Victory loves the bold
Still the hill has always stood here
And I fear she always will
So until she falls like Trojan walls
We’ll roll on up the hill

Waves on the Shore, Emily Holbert Kellam (2009)