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CD Review: Celtic MP3s

Waves on the Shore is featured in a review over at preeminent Celtic music blog Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, “The Home of Indie Celtic Music”. Many thanks to Gail Rybak for her enthusiastic review and enjoyable email correspondence.

“With an extraordinary voice, and equally extraordinary lyrics, Emily Kellam has made one of the best albums that I’ve heard in a long time. Her love of Celtic mythology, and her involvement in The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) have led her to write songs that draw from those two sources. … [Within] this great breadth of influences there is something to appeal to all.”

Read the full review here!

>> http://celticmp3s.com/2011/07/review-waves-on-the-shore-by-emily-kellam/


Track List

I received and email today asking what songs would actually be on the album. I suppose that would be good information to give to people, wouldn’t it? It got me thinking I should perhaps put out the track list here, too!

Waves on the Shore track list:

1) The Bard
2) Come & Be Welcome
3) Foot to Ground
4) Soldier Boy
5) The Poachers’ Song
6) Roll On Up the Hill
7) Warharvest
8) Mourning Dove
9) For Your Honour
10) Arise Young Wolf
11) Northern Virtues
12) Dusk to Dawn/Mead & Wine
13) The Washer at the Ford
14) Waves on the Shore

I think I’ll also put up my lyrics on this site, too. As a “bardic-folk” songwriter, I love hearing other people singing songs I’ve created around their own campfires. I’ll either make a “Lyrics” page, or perhaps devote a blog post to each piece and write a bit about the song’s background as well as the lyrics.

Otherwise, the wait continues. Any day now, Silverbirch should be calling and the disks will be finished!

First SCA event — Preorders!

I’ve got “business” cards printed, and a small carbon-copy receipt booklet ready to go. War of the Trillium is on this week/weekend, and another friend is having her own CD release party Saturday night, so I’ll be pre-selling my CD there too!

I’m really excited. Things are moving along really well, and it looks like I’ll be ready to take things to the presses early next week. Hooray!

More details after the weekend. I’m going to go sing by campfires and relax with good friends. Maybe I’ll even be inspired to write a new song!

Taking steps

Today I actually got off my duff & called up Silverbirch Productions“>, a local CD manufacture/duplication company Heather recommended to me.

One of the complications of having the album ‘dropped from above’ is that I’ve had no plans in the works. Nothing has been priced out, no graphics-in-progress, no saving of capital for production. (At least, I really hope other indie artists are thinking ahead to this stuff when they’re recording!) So I don’t currently have any mental energy expended or cash set aside toward actually making CDs. However, since I’ve got it I want to put it out as nicely as I can.

I was a bit worried that I’d have to home-burn the disks and print inserts myself — not that there’s anything wrong with home-grown CDs, theyre a perfectly reasonable and valid thing to release. I just am fairly lazy, and don’t want to have to invest too much time right now, but do want to try to get CDs ready to sell/give by the end of July.

Silverbirch looks like they will totally be able to meet my needs (and not break the bank). I spoke with Jordan, who was super nice, friendly and informative and encouraging. He gave me a couple of quotes for various options on small-run duplication (slimline cases, full jewelcases, etc.) for batches of 50 or 100. And apparently the turn around time is crazy fast, about 3 business days! (Another reason to love this city!)

So I’m pretty sure that’s where I’m going to go to get the CDs actually made. It’s very exciting, every step I take brings me closer to my own CD! The next one is either getting down to the graphics or figuring out how to get the money…