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Just a quick note to check in…

There are many things happening, some big, some small. Pesky “real life” keeps imposing itself on my creative goals, but while this is hampering my production-schedule for the second CD (a full post on that soon, I promise!), it is also fueling the song-writing fires, which is a reasonable trade.

I am traveling “out of Kingdom” much more frequently, so don’t be surprised to find Emer nic Aidan around a campfire in the East Kingdom or Aethelmarc! I’ve been greatly enjoying getting to know bardic friends new and old, comparing bardic “culture”, and being inspired by the fabulous work people are creating and performing. Here’s to more in the year to come!

I’m having a devil of a time trying to insert a PayPal button to this site. For whatever reason, WordPress.com just doesn’t like the code… (Any techies got any tips?) In the meantime, however, I do have a PayPal method for email-ordering, so if anyone was hoping to purchase a CD copy of “Waves On The Shore” online, at least there’s something! And always remember that my music — both “Waves On The Shore” and other tracks — can be purchased as digital downloads via iBards.org.

So there you have it.  Lots of creating: never enough time for it all, but I’m happy the muse is here!


First SCA event — Preorders!

I’ve got “business” cards printed, and a small carbon-copy receipt booklet ready to go. War of the Trillium is on this week/weekend, and another friend is having her own CD release party Saturday night, so I’ll be pre-selling my CD there too!

I’m really excited. Things are moving along really well, and it looks like I’ll be ready to take things to the presses early next week. Hooray!

More details after the weekend. I’m going to go sing by campfires and relax with good friends. Maybe I’ll even be inspired to write a new song!